About this Branding Nerd

My Fascination with Brands

My name is Bingo Soriano.

Brands have always fascinated me ever since my very first job as a Marketing Management Trainee in Unilever in the Philippines back in 1987. I was straight out of the University of the Philippines where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy (or BSBAA).

In Unilever, I received my classical training in branding and marketing through the brands I managed, including Pond’s, Vaseline, Royco, Pepsodent and Sunsilk.

Unilever provided my very first exposure to branding.

Later on, I started working in other companies with well-known brands in various industries including Purefoods Corporation, HSBC, and Burger King (Asia Pacific).

HSBC provided my first experience with a major global brand in the financial services industry.

HSBC was my first exposure to branding in the global financial services industry.

After six years in HSBC, I moved to Burger King Asia Pacific which exposed me to the operational intricacies behind a major global QSR brand in various countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

Burger King taught me that Operational Excellence is an integral part of what makes a strong brand.

After my corporate years, I became more involved with entrepreneurial pursuits and I’m currently active with several ventures which also work directly with brands as our clients, both in the Philippines and beyond.

BASC Consulting International Corporation was my very first venture into entrepreneurship back in 2006. It is a branding and sales company, hence BASC. Its tagline is Branding for Results focused on helping companies and brands increase sales and profits through training, consulting, brand audit and brand coaching. We have worked with clients in Singapore, Dubai and in the Philippines. It continues to provide companies and brands the support needed in keeping their brands focused and competitive.

in-Store Media Philippines (or iSMP) is our point-of-purchase company which enables brands, primarily FMCGs, to deliver their messages directly to consumers inside hypermarkets and supermarkets through traditional merchandising networks as well as digital signage networks.

In Xiklab Group, I currently serve as its Group CEO for International, representing the three businesses in the group including Xiklab Digital (a digital marketing agency), Xiklab Axis (a digital marketing out-sourcing hub), and Xiklab Ventures (a digital products company). We work with many brands both in the Philippines and internationally to develop and execute their digital marketing campaigns beginning with strategy, digital assets development, creative content development, media strategy, and analytics.

In all these endeavors, the common denominator is working with brands.

Branding Nerd is a blog born in the year 2021, amidst the ongoing global COVID-19 health crisis. It is aimed at placing the spotlight on brilliant ideas that brands have executed anywhere in the world, with the sole purpose of inspiring other brands to aim for excellence in their own marketplace.

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