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Del Monte®: A Brand that Relies on the Earth, Gives Back to the Earth through its Process Strategy

In our previous blog on Oishi®, we covered the sixth P which is ‘process‘ and discussed this brand’s brilliant process strategy which it has dubbed the ‘The Good Chef’. Oishi® has consistently implemented this strategy in its various markets across the world. We learned how this food market leader applied this very simple but very…

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LifeWear® Magazine: How Uniqlo®’s Promotional Strategy Became a Brand in Itself

In various previous blogs, we’ve featured the ‘promo‘ strategy of the likes of BGC through art, Sperry® through micro-influencers and co-branding, Red Bull® x GoPro® through co-marketing, and Amarula® through its CSR campaign to save the majestic African elephant. As mentioned in these previous blogs, the promotional strategy of a brand is also referred to…

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Happy Helpers®: A Social Enterprise Brand with a Clear and Consistent Brand Personality

In our previous blog that covered leading casual dining brand in the Philippines Mary Grace®, we discussed the concept of ‘brand personality‘. We learned how its consistent and cohesive brand personality enabled it to grow and become one of the most successful casual dining restaurant chains in the Philippines. I always teach my students in…

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Sperry®: An 86-year old Boat Shoe Brand Connecting with Today’s Youth Through Micro-Influencers and Co-Branding

In a previous blog on Red Bull® x GoPro®, we talked about the concepts of ‘co-marketing‘ and ‘co-branding’. We learned how the synergy of two brands who share a common target market can help build equity for each partner, thereby providing a lift in their value and market share. In this blog, we will revisit…

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Red Bull® and GoPro®: A Brand Partnership that has Defined the Meaning of Co-Marketing Excellence

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about brand positioning but always only featuring a single brand. In this blog, we will do something for the first time. We will focus on the overlapping positioning of two seemingly unrelated brands which have entered into a partnership to help promote each other to its similar consumer audience. “Synergy…

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Bench®: A Brand that Celebrates Life thru its Highly Effective Celebrity Endorsements

In our previous blog on Amarula®, we revisited ‘Brand Personality‘ and how this brilliant brand used their corporate social responsibility (CSR) program dubbed #DontLetThemDisappear to boost their brand personality as a passionate conservationist, highly responsible and authoritative global brand leader. In this blog, we touch on brand personality again, but also in conjunction with the…

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Amarula®: A Strong Brand Personality that is Making a Stand to Save the African Elephant from Possible Extinction by 2030

In our last blog, we talked about the brilliant distribution strategy of Tanduay®, the world’s highest-selling rum brand which hails from the Philippines. In this blog, we feature another liquor brand, but this time, we will tackle the brilliant ‘brand personality strategy‘ of a premium liquor brand called Amarula® from South Africa. As mentioned in…

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Tanduay®: Rising to the World’s Top Spot among Rum Brands through its Distribution Strategy

In this blog, we revisit the ‘place strategy‘ which we previously covered in our blog on Cartier®. However, unlike Cartier®, which has an ‘exclusive type‘ and ‘level zero‘ distribution strategy, in this blog we explore the ‘extensive type‘ and ‘level three‘ distribution strategy of this world-class brand of rum which has occupied the top spot…

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Kopiko®: A Brand that Grabbed Market Leadership through Market Segmentation

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the concept of the ‘open hole‘ and why this is important in establishing the positioning of the brand. Brilliant brands like Bon Chon® and the singing septet BTS have found their own ‘open holes‘ in the fried chicken and music industries, respectively, which allowed them to successfully establish their…

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