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Engkanto®: A Filipino Craft Beer Brand that Re-Crafted a Unique Positioning in the Global Beer Market

I remember during the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, around the first quarter of 2020, I developed a new appreciation for occasionally drinking ice-cold beer at home, something I hardly (maybe even never) did pre-pandemic. Because of the restrictions then, suddenly we all found ourselves doing things at home which we hardly did before…

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Malagos Chocolate®: A Fine Chocolate Brand from the Philippines Made Unique Through its Heirloom Cacao & Tree-to-Bar Process

I was having dinner last August 1, 2022 with a company colleague from Barcelona who was about to fly back home the following day. In the course of our dinner conversations, he mentioned that he bought several bars of 85% Dark Malagos Chocolate® to bring home to his wife back in Spain. He says that…

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Top Gun®: Breaking Box Office Records thru the Brand Equity of its Movie Franchise

In the most recent news report that I could find about the mega-successful movie sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, it’s remarkable to note that this sequel has reached the number 12th spot in all-time worldwide box-office revenues at over US$1.4Billion, which is also the number 8th spot of all-time worldwide sequel box-office. So far in 2022,…

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Swatch®: Re-Booting the Brand’s Playful & Collectible Positioning to Attract New Market Segments via Co-Branding with Omega®

Swatch® and Omega®, sister brands under the giant Swatch Group, recently made headlines in both the horology and marketing worlds due to the global launch of its unprecedented co-branded collection called the Omega x Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch Collection® last March 23, 2022, just over a month ago. The MoonSwatch® is made of bioceramic (a unique…

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Carmen’s Best®: A Brand Made Super Premium Through Its Vertical Integration Process

In our previous blog on Oishi® and Del Monte®, we talked about ‘process’ as an integral part of Brand Marketing which is the third major pillar that comprises The Brand Architecture. It would be recalled in previous blogs that the correct sequence of building the brand architecture is as follows: First, Brand Strategy, including brand…

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Vespa®: A Brand Made Iconic thru Functionality, Females, Fashion, Film and Fun

Amongst the millions of brands around the world, a select few reach iconic status. When one thinks of ‘iconic brands’, the likes of Apple®, Nike®, Coca Cola®, Starbucks® and McDonald’s® immediately come to mind. These iconic brands are internationally recognized household names. They have achieved market leadership and an ever-increasing market value. These brands have become very…

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KENNETHCOBONPUE®: A Brand Made Unique through Design

In this blog, we will revisit ‘Brand Strategy’ and focus specifically on one of its three important elements, specifically ‘USP’ or ‘unique selling proposition’. I always teach my students who attend my ‘The Brand Architecture’ webinars, that the foundational stage of any brand building exercise is ‘Brand Strategy’ which is composed of three important elements,…

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Humble Market®: A Humble Retail Brand with a Far-Reaching Mission

In our previous blogs which covered local Filipino brands, namely Happy Helpers® and Mary Grace®, we discussed ‘Brand Personality’ and explored how this critical element of the ‘Brand Identity’ defines and directs a brand’s priorities and behavior in the marketplace. In this blog, we revisit the concept of brand personality and focus our attention on…

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VEJA®: A French Sneaker Brand that Places Sustainability at the Core of its Product & Process Strategies

In our previous blogs on Cotopaxi® and Del Monte®, we discussed how ‘sustainability’ has been placed at the heart of the ‘product’ development and ‘process’ strategies of these brilliant brands. In this blog, we focus on a French sneaker brand which has taken sustainability in product development to a whole new level. From upcycling of…

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Del Monte®: A Brand that Relies on the Earth, Gives Back to the Earth through its Process Strategy

In our previous blog on Oishi®, we covered the sixth P which is ‘process’ and discussed this brand’s brilliant process strategy which it has dubbed the ‘The Good Chef’. Oishi® has consistently implemented this strategy in its various markets across the world. We learned how this food market leader applied this very simple but very…

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LifeWear® Magazine: How Uniqlo®’s Promotional Strategy Became a Brand in Itself

In various previous blogs, we’ve featured the ‘promo’ strategy of the likes of BGC through art, Sperry® through micro-influencers and co-branding, Red Bull® x GoPro® through co-marketing, and Amarula® through its CSR campaign to save the majestic African elephant. As mentioned in these previous blogs, the promotional strategy of a brand is also referred to…

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