adobo Talks x Branding Nerd Young Marketers Program

Drawing from over three decades of experience, Branding Nerd has designed this program to provide foundational lessons on the essence of branding, how to build a brand, and how to sustain a profitable brand. Real life examples of brilliant brands are used to clearly explain the principles covered in this three-module webinar.

Choose Your Investment Option

3-MODULE OPTION (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): Full adobo Talks x Branding Nerd Young Marketers Program

A three-part private webinar where participants learn foundational branding lessons on the real essence of branding, on how to build a strong brand, and how to sustain a profitable brand.

PHP 3,300.00

1-MODULE OPTION: Partial adobo Talks x Branding Nerd Young Marketers Program

Choose from any of the three modules described above.

PHP 1,300.00

Your Mentor

Branding Nerd Bingo Soriano will take you through the foundational and timeless lessons on branding. Learn about his professional background here.

Description of Modules

Module 1: June 15, Tuesday, 4:00-5:00pm

MODULE 1 – What is branding and why is it important for business or organizations?

In this module, you will learn the real meaning of branding. It’s not just a name, nor just a logo or slogan. It’s much much more than that. You will also learn the meaning of brand positioning and the principles behind this. Finally, you will gain a better appreciation on the importance of branding to your business or organization.

Module 2: June 22, Tuesday, 4:00-5:00pm

MODULE 2 – What does it take to build a strong brand?

After going through Module 1, you’re now ready to learn how to build a strong brand. You will learn the correct approach and sequence in building an overall brand architecture by going through the three key stages including brand strategy, brand identity, and brand marketing. Yes, there’s a difference between branding and marketing.

Module 3: June 29, Tuesday, 4:00-5:00pm

MODULE 3 – What does it take to sustain a profitable brand?

All brands, with no exception, go through cycles – including the dreaded decline stage. In this module, you will understand the various cycles in the life of a brand. You will also gain an understanding on how a brand is able to sustain itself for decades, even centuries, by digging deeper into how the brand architecture is managed and kept strong throughout a brand’s life.

“This webinar series will open your eyes to the gaps in your brand strategy. The lessons will give you a clearer roadmap on how to move forward in making your brand more competitive and enduring.”

Angel Guerrero, Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, adobo magazine

Time to invest in me and my team.

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