KENNETHCOBONPUE®: A Brand Made Unique through Design

In this blog, we will revisit ‘Brand Strategy‘ and focus specifically on one of its three important elements, specifically ‘USP‘ or ‘unique selling proposition‘. I always teach my students who attend my ‘The Brand Architecture‘ webinars, that the foundational stage of any brand building exercise is ‘Brand Strategy‘ which is composed of three important elements,Continue reading “KENNETHCOBONPUE®: A Brand Made Unique through Design”

IKEA®: A Home-Focused Brand Leading The Big Home Reboot

I always advise brands that I work with: “Seek out and listen to your target market. You will likely find your best strategies from insights based on what they say to you.” “I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is to fund research and learn the basic facts.” Bill Gates TheContinue reading “IKEA®: A Home-Focused Brand Leading The Big Home Reboot”